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  • Portland Oregon Bicycle Safety
    March 19 2015

    As a Portland Personal Injury Attorney, I recently resolved two bicycle injury cases.

    The first case was a serious injury when the forks collapsed because of a manufacturing defect.  I filed a products liability claim in order to obtain compensation for my client’s losses.  In the end, she was quite happy with the result.  The second incident was caused by the negligence of a driver while driving on one of Portland’s Bicycle Boulevards. 

    In the first case it was impossible for my client to know the bicycle was manufactured improperly.  When the front forks failed, she was thrown over the handlebars, face first onto the street.  Even the local bicycle shop had no idea there was a defect.

    The second case involved an errant driver so intent on passing my client and beating him to the stop sign that he crossed into the oncoming lane and then swerved into my client throwing him off his bicycle.

    While there is not much a bicyclist can do to prevent the first type of injury, the second case illustrates how vulnerable bicyclists are when they ride on the highway with vehicles that weigh over one ton. 

    What can you do to help prevent injury

    The City of Portland  and various bike safety groups  provide various resources and educational material for both bicyclists and drivers to help reduce the likelihood of injury.

  • Springing Forward Can Cause Accidents
    March 03 2015

    Oregonians will be “springing forward” Sunday morning by setting their clocks ahead one hour.  This annual event causes disruption to everyone’s schedule, especially the sleep schedule.  As a consequence, there are more accidents caused by sleepy drivers who are not as alert as normal. 

    The Portland Monday morning commute can be more hazardous as a result.  The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) offers these tips:


        Get a good night’s sleep if possible
        If you get tired while driving, pull over and take a 20 minute nap
        On a long trip, stop every two hours, or change drivers
        With the days getting longer and the weather getting better, there will be more pedestrians and bicyclists on the roadways


        Wear bright and/or reflective clothing
        Be aware of your surroundings and vehicles on the roadway


        Be aware of vehicles on the roadway even if you are in a crosswalk.  Drivers tend to be less attentive when sleep deprived

        For more information about being safe either behind the wheel or as a bicyclist or pedestrian visit http://www.drowsydriving.org for more tips on how to avoid being in an accident.

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