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  • It’s Spring and Time to Think of Football
    March 31 2015

    It is early spring in Oregon and the weather has been spectacular, so naturally our thoughts turn to – College Football.  Oregon State opens its 2015 season at home against Weaver State University on September 4th, while Oregon hosts Eastern Washington the next day.

    How will Oregon fair this year with the departure of Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota?  Today’s Oregonian spotlights Thomas Tyner, a junior running back for the Oregon Ducks.  Spring practice starts today and it is a long way to early September, so let us hope with hard practice, solid coaching and good luck, the Ducks can improve their #5 preseason ranking.

    The Oregon State Beavers have a new coach this year and a long way to go to make their presence known in the Pac-12.  Coach Gary Andersen starts spring practice today and the spring game will be played at Reser Stadium on April 18th.

    And finally, the former Oregon State Football coach, Mike Riley, is now at Nebraska.  I plan to attend the Oregon-Nebraska game in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 17, 2016 with some college friends. It will be nice to see Mike Riley coach again in person. 

  • Distracted Driving and Teens
    March 26 2015

    I have written previously about the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving is the cause for many car accidents which result in serious injuries and death.  It is especially prevalent in teen driving as reported today on Oregon Live,  A new survey recently published from AAA American Foundation for Traffic Safety,  asserts distracted driving is more prevalent and the consequences are more severe in teen drivers. 

    “The findings of the AAA Report confirm what safety groups have suspected for a long time—distraction is more severe and more common in teen driver crashes than previously found in government data,” said Jackie Gillan, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

  • Photo Radar and Red Light Cameras:  Revenue-Enhancing Technology or Safety Devices
    March 23 2015

    Everything, these days, seem to be automated.  A Bluetooth thermostat regulates the temperature in my home, my iPhone controls the radio station I listen to, and my car can practically drive itself with driver assisted technology.  So why shouldn’t the government use technology to enforce traffic laws? 

    There has been a long-standing debate whether the Photo Radar and Red Light Cameras are used to improve safety on the roads or whether their primarily used to boost the government’s bottom line.  As reported on Oregon Live, The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill, pushed by the City of Portland, which would authorize the use of unmanned radar cameras.  Ostensibly, the bill is designed to “reduce the number of fatal and injury collisions on its high-crash corridors by use of fixed-location “photo-enhanced radar enforcement” to go after speeders on designated roadways. 

    Are these technologies simply speed traps or part of the greater good—safety enhancement?  Certainly slowing down prevents injuries to pedestrians, passengers and other drivers.  But there is evidence automated technologies do not work and are simply designed to fill the government coffers and boost the bottom line of the companies who make the equipment. 

    While automation is helpful, we, as humans, should be its master.  It should not be the other way around.   

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