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  • Bike Safety Month
    May 09 2014

    Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) announces a continuing campaign for bicycle safety for the month of May.  We haven’t had the best of weather here in the Portland area but it is warming up and there are more and more bicyclists sharing the road with vehicles.  Let’s all watch out for each other this summer and avoid collisions.

    ODOT has these reminders for us all:

    No matter how you travel, there are some simple steps you can take to improve safety:
    •Pay attention: your life depends on it. An inattentive driver is the most common cause of work zone crashes.
    •Buckle up every time. Safety belts and child safety seats are the biggest contributors to saving lives in crashes.
    •Pedestrians and bicyclists: Stay alert, be predictable, follow traffic signals, wear light-colored or reflective clothing, and be especially careful at intersections.
    •Share the road. Check your mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. Don’t tailgate.
    •Don’t drive, walk or ride impaired. Alcohol, illegal drugs and even some legal drugs can reduce the ability to use good judgment.
    •Obey the speed limit. Excessive speed is a factor in many crashes and the most common one in crashes that result in fatalities.

  • Transportation Safety Campaign for May
    May 01 2014

    Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Governor Kitzhaber announce May as Transportation Safety Awareness Month emphasizing safety for work zones, bicyclists and pedestrians.

    This year marks the 25th year that Oregonians are participating in the “Give ‘Em a Brake” work zone safety campaign. Once again, construction work zones will appear on streets, highways and bridges statewide. Billboards, bus boards and public service announcements will remind people to “Respect the Cone Zone” and that “Fines Double 24/7. Workers or Not.”

    Drive safely through work zones and avoid accidents with pedestrians.

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