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  • Distracted Driving Month
    April 01 2014

    The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced the month of April will be “Distracted Driving Awareness” Month in an attempt to drive down the incidences of accidents, injuries, and deaths associated with distracted driving.  Oregon Department of Transportation is teaming up with NHTSA in supporting the National Distracted Driving campaign.  (ODOT) which will remind motorists, “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.”

    Many people believe distracted driving is texting on a cell phone while driving, which is a common misconception.  Distracted driving is doing anything that causes the driver to become less aware of what they are doing while driving.  This could involve talking on a cell phone (even with a hands free device), texting, eating, grooming, or talking to a passenger.

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