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  • Happy Holidays and Holiday Parties
    December 23 2013

    As we wrap up the end of 2013, I hope
    when you look back you had a prosperous
    and fun-filled year with your family and
    friends. Next year is promising to be a
    great year for the country with an improved

    Holiday Parties, Your Responsibility and the Law

    1. Drinking and driving. Always have a
    designated driver when you venture from
    home for a party. If you don’t have a
    designated driver and have one too many
    drinks please consider calling either a cab
    or take the bus home.

    2. Social Host Liability. If you host a party
    and serve someone too much alcohol
    and they get into an accident, you can
    be held responsible if your guest injures
    somebody because they got intoxicated at
    your home. Please monitor your guests’
    alcohol consumption and don’t be afraid
    of taking someone’s car keys. Call a cab if
    necessary. You could be saving a life.

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