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  • Roadway Departure Crashes Account for 66% of All Traffic Fatalities in Oregon
    February 15 2013

    Oregon State Police (OSP) and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) are teaming up to help reduce the incidences of roadway departure crashes.  A roadway departure crash is a non-intersection crash when a vehicle either crosses the center line or the edge of the road.  Examples of these types of crashes are side swiping another vehicle, traveling off the roadway and rolling, or hitting a fixed object. According to the US Department of Transportation, roadway departure crashes account for 66 percent of all traffic fatalities in Oregon.

    ODOT awarded OSP grant funds to provide over 1,600 hours of overtime enforcement through the end of September 2013 for specific highway locations that have been identified as some of the worst areas in the state.  ODOT identified the highway locations following a review of crash analysis data that pointed at crash types, causes, dates, day(s) of week, and time periods.  Some contributing factors to these crashes are speed, failure to maintain a traffic lane, distracted driving and DUII. 

  • Heavy Traffic On Mount Hood
    February 08 2013

    The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) issued a traffic advisory for mountain roads this upcoming weekend.  The department cautions drivers to be patient with heavy traffic and to use extra caution. 

    Large crowds are expected on Mt Hood this weekend due to the last several days of heavy snowfall on the mountain and the expected clear weather over the weekend.  The parking lots will fill up quickly and motorists need to make sure their vehicles are legally parked otherwise they run the risk of being towed.

    Last weekend on Mt Hood there were traffic jams of up to two hours in some places.  ODOT recommends the use of chains or traction devices, and that motorists allow extra time to reach their destination. 

    Winter road conditions can quickly lead to collisions which can cause injuries.  Drive safely on the mountain this weekend and realize it will take some time to get where you are going.

  • State Wide Traffic Enforcement for Texting, Seatbelts, and Speeding
    February 06 2013

    From February 11 - 24, Oregon law enforcement agencies will launch a statewide overtime effort targeting drivers who are texting while driving, speeding and not properly using a seat belt. Oregon State Police, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police and Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association are all participating in a joint effort sponsored by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

    It is illegal in this state to text while driving yet many drivers continue this practice.  Over the past three years, 12 people died in crashes involving a participant using a cell phone at the time of the crash.  Officials say this number could be even higher, because cell phone usage is believed to be underreported. 

    “Looking down multiple times in a short period of time is obvious to other drivers and to police officers,” said Steve Vitolo, ODOT’s Law Enforcement and Judicial Program manager. “You’re not fooling anyone.” 

    Police are now requesting access to the text time stamps from cell phone companies after a collision in which they suspect cell phone usage as a contributing factor.  If you crash and cause injuries, an investigation could reveal that you were texting.
    In 2011, ninety-nine people who lost their lives in a vehicle collision were not wearing seatbelts even though most Oregonians know that seatbelts save lives in collision.  Police will be checking motorists for seatbelt usage and those found noncompliant will be cited.

    Impaired and distracted drivers will also be targeted, as well as those going above the speed limit.  Speeding and driver impairment are still the most common causes of injury collisions.

    Texting, Speeding, Impaired Driving, and Seat Belt usage are all contributing factors that can lead to serious injury accidents.  These accidents can be avoided.

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