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  • Definition of Legal Terms
    August 31 2012

    I am frequently asked by clients to define the meaning of certain legal terms and concepts.  In the law there are many things that we, as lawyers refer to that are foreign to lay person.

    One of the more important concepts to be aware of is the Statute of Limitations.  Virtually every legal claim is governed by the statute of limitations, which is defined as the time in which a case must be either settled or a lawsuit filed.  The time limitation varies by state and by the type of case.  If the statute of limitations has run on a claim, it is likely you will be forever barred from making any recovery.

    My practice tends to focus on personal injuries,which is defined as an injury to a person caused through the negligence of another party.  Personal injuries can be the result of product liability or medical negligence claims.  In a product liability claim, the injured party brings suit against the manufacturer for a defective or unreasonably dangerous product.  Medical negligence is a claim against a medical professional for injuries negligently caused during treatment.

    Wrongful death is a term used to define those claims brought by the estate of a deceased person on behalf of the heirs.  If someone is negligently killed, the wrongful death statute permits heirs-defined in Oregon as the spouse, children and parents of the deceased-to bring a claim for damages they have suffered.

    A lawsuit  is a legal action by one person against another, to be decided in court by either a judge or jury.

    Oftentimes lawsuits are resolved through mediation , mediation is a voluntary process in which all parties to a dispute work to resolve their differences with the help of a neutral, disinterested third party known as a mediator.

    I hope you find these definitions helpful. 

  • Labor Day Weekend and Oregon Football
    August 30 2012

    Labor Day Weekend is typically the last weekend families head out for three days to spend time together before the kids return to school.  This year, it is also happens to be the weekend of the first Oregon and Oregon State home football games. 

    Traffic in Oregon on the long weekend is usually already an issue with long lines of vehicles leaving home to travel for fun and relaxation.  Please keep in mind, according to the Oregon State Police (OSP) there will be an estimated additional 30,000 vehicles on Interstate 5 and roads leading to Eugene and Corvallis on Saturday.  The extra traffic affects travel time and increases the potential for problems on the roads.  Historically, there are a number of vehicle collisions during the long weekend.  Make sure you and your family are safe while traveling.

    Before you go, visit TripCheck at the Oregon Department of Transportation, for the latest road conditions and travel alerts.

    OSP offers these safety tips and reminders:

    * Start putting together your traveling game plan now before the season starts
    * On game day: leave early, be patient and alert so you can react to sudden stops in traffic, quick lane changes by other vehicles, and leave plenty of distance between you and others on the road
    * Keep current on road and travel conditions by visiting TripCheck.com, calling 5-1-1, and listening for radio traffic-related news and updates
    * Avoid distractions and don’t talk or text on cell phones when driving
    * Buckle up every trip, every time
    * Have a sober, rested driver behind the wheel of your vehicle before and after the game

    State, county and city police along with ODOT encourage reporting any possible intoxicated or dangerous drivers by calling 9-1-1 or OSP dispatch at 800-24DRUNK (800-243-7865).

  • Upcoming Elections
    August 29 2012

    This November voters in Oregon will be faced with nine different ballot measures.  I know ballot measures can be quite confusing.  Slick TV and print advertising are used to sway public opinion on issues that are really quite complicated.  Many times the proponents and opponents bet that you, the voters, don’t pay attention and vote with your emotion rather than your mind. 

    In November, five of the ballot measures propose amend our constitution.  In my opinion, you should look carefully at any measure that seeks to change our State’s constitution to make sure it really makes sense to do so.  Measures 77 and 78, both put on the November ballot by the legislature, seek to change our constitution.  These seem to be no nonsense ballot measures worthy of careful consideration. 

    On the other hand, measures 82 and 83 look bad for Oregon.  82 is a proposed constitutional amendment that authorizes privately-owned casinos in Oregon.  Measure 83 is the companion measure that allows a casino to be built in Wood Village at the former dog track known as the Multnomah Kennel Club.  Two Canadian companies are behind the proposed development and are pushing the ballot measures. A slick cleverly devised advertising campaign has already started, including TV ads running in the Portland area and a You-tube video available on-line.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out as both 82 and 83 pit Canadian investors against Native Americans who operate most of the casinos in Oregon. 

    By the way, the Citizens’ Initiative Review has listed six findings on the potential impact of Measures 82 and 83 and 17 of the 24 members oppose these measures.  The Citizens’ Initiative Review is a non-profit that aims to provide non partial assessments of controversial ballot measures.  More information can be found at http://healthydemocracyoregon.org/ 

    As always, all of us at the Law Offices of Gregory K. Zeuthen urge you to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming election.

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