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  • Professional Licensing
    April 17 2011

    After graduating from law school I passed the Bar Examination and was licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon.  Professionals such as attorneys, accountants, architects and health care professionals are licensed by States before they are permitted to practice in their profession.  The quid pro quo is that we are entrusted by the state to work within our licenses to help people, and the State has the authority to regulate our conduct.

    Rightly so, those of us licensed by the state should be held accountable for any harm we inflict upon our clients or patients.  As an attorney, my license status is transparent; that is to say that anyone desires to check my record with the Oregon State Bar is free to do so.  Simply need to call the Oregon State Bar (OSB) and inquire about my record. Each complaint registered with the OSB is thoroughly investigated and remains on the record even if the complaint is deemed unwarranted.  Justified ethics complaints against attorneys are posted on the OSB website.  There is total transparency with attorneys.

    Slowly, the medical field is granting a similar level of transparency.  Beginning in 2007, the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners (BME) started posting posting licensing and malpractice information on its website.  A specific case in point is the recent article in The Oregonian where the licensing problems of a physician were reported in detail.  The BME posted its Interim Stupulated Order dated 4/14/11 on its website. 

    All professionals licensed in Oregon should be held to the same standards and level of scrutiny as Lawyers and Doctors.  When it comes to consumers of legal and medical services, transparency is a good thing.

  • Nursing Home and Care Facility Abuse Cases
    April 04 2011

    I don’t know about you, but as more of our elderly population reside in Adult Care Facilities, I am alarmed by the reports of abuse that occurs.  Tragically, in Oregon there were over 350 suspected cases of abuse in Oregon such facilities over the last five years.  The victims of abuse are usually elderly patients or patients who suffer from some form of dementia and cannot protect themselves.  Often their complaints of abuse, including sexual assault, are often ignored and rarely are the proper authorities notified.  As recently reported in The Oregonian, investigations start only when the abuse is witnessed by a friend or relative.  Many of the cases are dismissed by the Department of Human Services as the patient is deemed to be an unreliable witness as they are often either suffering from dementia or heavily medicated.

    The abuser is often times a caregiver in the facility or someone who is often in the facility for other purposes, such as someone visiting another patient.  Every so often the abuser is another patient in the care facility.  Often times, when the abuse occurs by another patient there is the police and Department of Human Services are not notified; rather, the abuser is moved to another facility.  In these cases, the abuser is usually suffering from dementia or another form of mental incapacity.  There is no ongoing protection of the other patients when the abuser is simply moved to another unsuspecting facility.

    How do you protect your loved one in this type of situation?  The Department of Human Services provides a website where each potential care facility can be searched to determine whether there was a report of abuse at that particular facility. 

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