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  • 2010 Deadliest Year For Pedestrians
    February 18 2011

    2010 was the deadliest year for Oregon pedestrians in recent years with a total of 62 deaths according to Troy Costales of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  These numbers are significantly higher than the previous year’s total of 39 fatalities.  Officials are unsure of what has caused the increase but report a majority of the pedestrians were in the roadway illegally when struck.  Also of particular note, a majority of the accidents occurred at night with victims wearing dark clothing.  There was also a high incidence of alcohol involvement.

    State officials have cautioned all Oregonians to be extra vigilant of pedestrians during the winter months when the lighting and poor weather conditions result in poor visibility.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a few more months of darkness during our morning and evening commutes.  As drivers, let’s be on the lookout for pedestrians.  While out walking, let’s be mindful of some general safety guidelines:

    • walk on sidewalks if available
    • cross roads at marked crosswalks or intersections
    • avoid walking in the roadway
    • wear light colored or reflective clothing
    •  be aware of vehicle traffic around you


  • Returning War Veterans
    February 10 2011

    My nephew is Cpl. Kyle Thompson, USMC.  Kyle is a member of the USMC 1st Recon Battalion, B Company, from Camp Pendleton, California.  He was seriously wounded while on foot patrol in Helmand Province of Afghanistan on 25 October 2010.  Kyle and his point man, Cpl. Todd Love, were hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine patrol.  The IED ripped into Kyle’s face, resulting in the loss of Kyle’s left eye, and severely damaging the retina in the right eye.  In early November his left eye was surgically removed.  He has had numerous surgeries on his right eye, face and mouth to remove rocks received from the IED blast.  This week he will undergo two more surgeries.  He is regaining vision in his right eye and hopefully he will be discharged later this month from Palo Alto Veterans Hospital after a few more surgeries.

    My brother in law has been by Kyle’s side since October 30th.  Luckily, he has an employer who has made it possible for him to remain with Kyle during this critical time of healing.  He has continued to receive his wages and his housing was provided by the Marines while Kyle was at Bethesda Naval Hospital for a month.  The Marines also provided him with a per diem for meals.

    In November Kyle was transferred to the Palo Alto, California Veterans Hospital where he still remains.  My brother in law continues to stay with Kyle as he has faced numerous surgeries, therapies, and procedures.  The Marines have continued to provide a per diem for meals and his housing has been provided by the Fisher House at Palo Alto Veterans Hospital.  The Fisher House is located directly across the street from the hospital and is within easy walking distance.

    The Fisher House provides, “home away from home” for military families.  There are no charges for the families; all accommodations are free.  The Fisher House organization is a private-public partnership that provides housing and support for military families.  There is one house at every major military medical center.  These houses are made possible through donations.

    The services my brother in law has been provided by the Marines and the Fisher House Foundation has been a tremendous help to our family.  They have allowed him to be able to stay with Kyle during his recovery.  Without these services, most military families could not afford to stay by the side of their wounded soldier during these stressful times. 

    The men and women of our military are providing a tremendous service to our country.  We should not forget them or their families when they are injured.  Please consider making a donation to help military families throughone of the following organizations:


    Also, the Hero miles program through http://www.fisherhouse.org where donated air miles provides airline tickets to military families.


    Our family is proud of our nephew and his service to our country.  We remain grateful to the Marines and the Fisher House Foundation for their assistance during this trying time.  We urge anyone who is interested in making a difference, to consider making a monetary donation to one of the organizations listed.



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