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Over the years, Gregory has worked closely with a number of highly qualified trial lawyers.

Greg Zeuthen often teams up with other attorneys to give his clients the best possible representation. Over the years, he has worked closely with a number of highly qualified trial lawyers. The comments here show the value that Zeuthen's colleagues place on his work.

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Lawrence Baron
Office of Lawrence Baron, Portland OR

"I have co-counseled many cases with Greg Zeuthen. Greg is smart, talented and dedicated to bringing the best possible representation to the client. There have been many instances in which he made a difference by piecing together the evidence and spotting new issues. He also is very considerate of the client's needs, being always available to them and thoughtful of their personal concerns. It is my hope that I will be able to co-counsel many more cases with Greg."

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Lisa Almasy Miller
Portland OR 

Greg Zeuthen got into the practice of law for all of the right reasons. He truly cares about helping injured people. In addition to being compassionate and kind, he is a zealous advocate for his clients. One reason he is so effective as a trial lawyer is that he treats everyone, including opposing counsel, with respect and professionalism."


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James E. Fosler
Fosler Law Group, Anchorage AK

Greg Zeuthen is a skilled lawyer with many talents. He is intelligent, detail-oriented and practical. When I associated with him on a complicated medical malpractice case, Greg was a tremendous asset. The case settled for a much higher amount because of Greg’s efforts. Perhaps most importantly, Greg really cares about his cases and loves his work. His enthusiasm and dedication are unparalleled.”


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Stephen Cain
Stewart Tilghman Fox & Bianchi, Miami FL

"I have had the honor and pleasure of serving as co-counsel with Greg Zeuthen on several Lasik medical malpractice cases. Greg's knowledge of the medicine was truly amazing and clearly superior to that of the defendant physicians. This coupled with the tireless commitment, dedication and professionalism that Greg devotes to each and every one of his cases insures his clients achieve the best possible results. Greg is truly a credit to the profession."

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Kenneth Selander, Jr.
PersonalInjurySeattle.com, Seattle WA

I had the privilege of working as co-counsel with Greg Zeuthen on a case in Washington State and witness his extraordinary legal and trial skills first hand. He is an excellent lawyer who possesses a rare blend of compassion, intelligence and grit. Greg is a tireless and quality advocate who zealously fights for his clients. I will be referring him all of my Oregon cases and hope that the opportunity surfaces to work with him again."


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